John Ravenal (CCL class of 2012) New Director of deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Core Advancement

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum taps John Ravenal, CCL class of 2012, to be its new Director.

John B. Ravenal, currently the curator for modern and contemporary art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, will take the helm as new executive director in mid-January. Of his new post, Ravenal notes “Their new sense of ambition is something that really interests me. The key feature of the plan is deciding that what is unique about the deCordova is its sculpture park, and I completely embrace that,” he says. “It was brilliant to figure out what was unique, as opposed to what makes them just another midsize museum in New England, and to take that and place it at the center, and decide that everything else has to support that mission.”

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