Stanton Thomas

Stanton Thomas


CCL Class of 2012


Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg


Curator of Collections and Exhibitions

Institution at time of Fellowship

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art


Brian Kennedy, Toledo Museum of Art

Eric Lee, Kimbell Art Museum

Stanton Thomas received his Ph. D. in the subject of Flemish Art from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Oho. As part of his program of study, he spent two years in Leuven, Belgium under the auspices of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap and the Belgian American Education Foundation. He also holds an M.A. from the University of Missouri, Columbia and a B.S. from Truman University. In addition, Dr. Thomas completed the Attingham Summer School Program in 2007. 

After his graduation in 1998, Dr. Thomas was a visiting professor at Case Western for two years. He then held the post of Assistant Curator of Paintings at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Currently Dr. Thomas is the Curator of European Paintings and Decorative Arts at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, Tennessee. 

Dr. Thomas resides in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife Geneviève Hill-Thomas. His spouse is a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University, Bloomington in West African Art History.