Center for Curuatorial Leadership

The CCL seeks full-time curators who are currently employed at art museums where they are charged with the care, display, and interpretation of objects as well as the organization of temporary exhibitions. Nominations will be sought from museum directors and administrators, but self-nominations are also strongly encouraged.

Applicants should be proven scholars and leaders in their field. They should also have demonstrated some leadership initiative, either in their museums or in other aspects of their lives (e.g., community service, board service, etc.).

Applications will be reviewed by the director of the CCL and a small committee of current and former museum directors.

Beginning January 4 - 16, 2015, the program will consist of the following: 
The 2015 tuition is $2,500 per Fellow to cover a portion of the program expenses.  The CCL will absorb the rest of the cost of travel, hotel, and other expenses related to the program.  Tuition assistance will be available to all accepted candidates on an as-need basis; it is strongly encouraged, however, that museums support the professional development of their curators and underwrite the tuition fee.

July 11th UPDATE:
We apologize for the issues many applicants have experienced with the new online system. Thank you for your patience as we work through the glitches with this new technology. The deadline for application AND recommendation submissions has been extended until these issues are resolved completely. Please email with questions or technical issues so she can quickly report them to the web team that is standing by.

  Please read carefully the following instructions:  The CCL staff is ready and able to answer your questions about this new process. Please email