Center for Curuatorial Leadership



The Center accepts applications from curators currently working in North American art museums and International institutions. The group comprises approximately ten carefully selected fellows each year; all of whom have significant curatorial experience. Mentoring is a key element of the program. Directors and trustees from museums across the United States and Europe serve as mentors and residency hosts to the Fellows, enhancing the learning outside of the classroom.


The curriculum consists of a combination of "teaching" and "doing." Professors from Columbia Business School teach concentrated academic courses in non-profit management, finance, negotiation, board development, and strategic long-range and short-term initiatives. Engagements with museum directors, administrators, civic officials, and other cultural leaders provide hands-on instruction and provoke rich dialogue.

The program combines readings, direct teaching, individual practice and team projects. The following areas are important topics addressed by the program:

Fellowship Components:


The 2015 tuition is $2,500 per Fellow to cover a portion of the program expenses.  The CCL will absorb the rest of the cost of travel, hotel, and other expenses related to the program.  Tuition assistance will be available to all accepted candidates on an as-need basis; it is strongly encouraged, however, that museums support the professional development of their curators and underwrite the tuition fee.