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The Center for Curatorial Leadership (CCL) trains curators to become visionary leaders of art museums. At a time when the demands of cultural institutions and the public are rapidly evolving, CCL provides essential tools to guide today’s museums and anticipate future challenges. The CCL model encompasses mentorships with innovators and museum directors, rigorous coursework in strategic management, and professional networks for support and growth. With its graduates now at the helm of major art institutions, CCL is helping to build the next generation of museum leaders, ones who combine traditional curatorial connoisseurship and art historical scholarship with administrative, managerial, and strategic expertise.

CCL is proud to announce that, with the support of our Board of Trustees, the 2025 Fellowship will be tuition free. This decision is guided by CCL’s core value of equity and continues our efforts to remove access barriers for applicants to our program. CCL recognizes that this change may open new opportunities for curators from many backgrounds and geographies who were previously unable to apply to our program, and in light of that fact we are extending our application deadline to July 22, 2024.