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When you give to the Center for Curatorial Leadership, your support benefits not just one curator or museum, but many. 

In 2007, philanthropist Agnes Gund and curator Elizabeth Easton launched CCL. Now in its sixteenth year, CCL’s innovative and original model encompasses mentorships with museum directors and other creative visionaries, rigorous coursework in leadership and strategic management, and professional networks for support and growth. With almost 400 alumni spanning 46 countries, CCL’s undeniable influence has elevated the role of curators in the public eye, deeply impacting a broad swath of the museum field and their communities. 

Your gift builds toward CCL’s vision to shape a generation of leading curators who not only take charge of the art in their care but are also equipped with the training to be moral and equity-based leaders who are well-positioned to anticipate and address the issues and opportunities facing museums today. 

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It is with great appreciation that the Center for Curatorial Leadership thanks our generous supporters for their 2022-2023 contributions:

Bloomberg Philanthropies
Ford Foundation
Agnes Gund†
Barbara & Amos Hostetter
Anna-Maria and Stephen
Kellen Foundation
Mellon Foundation
Susan & Charles Sawyers†


Charina Endowment Fund
Helen Frankenthaler Foundation
Anne Goldrach
The Hearst Foundations
Leon Levy Foundation
Henry Luce Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Neubauer Family Foundation
New York City Department of
Cultural Affairs
New York State Council on the Arts
Emily Pulitzer
Teiger Foundation
Terra Foundation for American Art
Thomas & Alice Tisch †
Alice L. Walton Foundation


Allison Berg
The Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation
The Easton Family Fund
Theo & Lisa Melas-Kyriazi †
Marnie Pillsbury †
Kimerly Rorschach †
Donna & Ben Rosen
Virginia Schirrmeister


Maggie Adler *
Wassan Al-Khudhairi *
Ian Alteveer *
Rich Aste *
Colin Bailey *
Peter Barberie *
Tracey Bashkoff *
Carlos Basualdo *
Andrea Bayer *
Endia Beal *
Naomi Beckwith *
Candace & Rick Beinecke
Esther Bell *
Graham Boettcher *
Claire Brandon ^
David Breslin *
Emily Braun & Andrew Frackman
Johanna Burton *
Jason Busch *
Connie Butler *
Caroline Campbell *
Sarah Cash *
Mark Castro *
Connie Choi *
Christa Clarke *
Kristin Collins *
Anita Contini †
Deb Cullen-Morales *
Stephanie D'Alessandro *
Malcolm Daniel *
Aimee Degalan *
Thomas Denenberg *
Andria Derstine *
Leah Dickerman *
C D Dickerson *
Judith Dolkhart *
Catherine Dunn
Susanne Ebbinghaus *
Anne Ellegood *
Ruth Erickson *
Judith Evnin
Dan Finamore *
Michelle Millar Fischer *
Barbara Fleischman
Turry Flucker *
Daria Foner ^
Silvia Forni *
Aimée Froom *
Catherine Futter *
Alison Gass *
Madhuvanti Ghose *
Elyse Gonzales *
Anne Goodyear *
Vera Grant *
Alison de Lima Greene *
Gloria Groom *
Sophie Hackett *
Emily Hanna *
Shawnya Harris *
Ed Henry †
Alexandra Herzan
Melanie Holcomb *
Jamilee Lacy *
Alisa LaGamma *
Nora Lambert ^
Stewart M. Landefeld
Craig Lee ^
Mary-Kay Lombino *
Alexis Lowry *
Griff Mann *
Roxana Marcoci *
Anna Marley *
Courtney Martin † *
Sarah Meister *
Jen Mergel *
Olivier Meslay *
René Morales *
Paola Morsiani *
Mary Morton *
Asma Naeem *
Emily Neff *
Aimee Ng *
Christina Nielson *
Sarah Oehler *
Valerie Cassel Olivier *
Reed Palmer
Theresa Papanikolas *
Mary Patton
Mauritia Poole *
E. Carmen Ramos *
John Ravenal *
Veronica Roberts *
Christine Robinson ^
William Rudolph *
Zoë Ryan *
Tamara Schenkenberg *
Daniel Schulman *
John Seydl *
Jessica Smith *
Martha Tedeschi *
Pierre Terjanian *
Vanessa Thaxton-Ward *
Lee Traub
Kristina Van Dyke-Fort & John F. Fort *
Michelle Joan Wilkinson † *
Stephan Wolohojian *


† CCL Trustee
* CCL Fellowship Alumnus
^ CCL Seminar Alumnus