Ndubuisi Ezeluomba

Ndubuisi Ezeluomba


CCL/SMH 2021-2023


Virginia Museum of Fine Arts


Curator of African Art

Institution at time of Fellowship

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Dr. Ndubuisi C. Ezeluomba is the Curator of African Art of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. He specializes in the visual cultures of Olokun shrines and holds a PhD in art history from the University of Florida, Gainesville. While at UF he served as a research assistant at the Harn Museum of Art for the Kongo Across the Watersexhibition. Later Dr. Ezeluomba was the Andrew W. Mellon research specialist in African Art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on a project that studies the African collection at the museum. Recently, he has become active in the conversations for the repatriation of African cultural patrimony and has delivered lectures and contributed book chapters and articles on the topic. He was the Franciose Billion Richardson Curator of African Art at the New Orleans Museum of Art before returning to the VMFA.

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