James Muriuki

James Muriuki


MoMA International Curatorial Institute 2016




Artist and Curator

James Muriuki works both as an independent artist and a curator, living and working in Nairobi, Kenya. He is a design graduate of University of Nairobi and a Managing Information Systems graduate of Strathmore University. He worked for eight years starting as a designer and later the gallery manager and curator at RaMoMA, before venturing off to private practice in 2011. His interest is that of the transitional state of developing nations, specifically interested in different knowledge systems (and that of art and visual imagery and photography) in those societies and how that can be incorporated into, recognized and adopted as part of the social fabric. He was involved in the production of the art magazine, Msanii, the artist book Layers, and contributed to the UNESCO publication, Documenting Living Heritage. Individually, he recently curated frontiers of the present: Exploring new ideas in photography, Nairobi, Passing it on: Inventorying Living Heritage in Africa, Windhoek among others. He has co-curated exhibitions, including In Memorium, Constructions, under the collective 3collect, which he was a founding member.