Katerina Chuchalina

Katerina Chuchalina

Moscow-based curator Katerina Chuchalina has been the chief curator at the V-A-C Foundation since 2011. She is curating an ongoing series of exhibitions investigating spatial phenomena by means of contemporary art, which so far have included the international group showsIK-00, The Spaces of Confinement (Venice, 2014), The Way of Enthusiasts, part of the collateral program of 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, 2013. Her recent exhibition projects include the Space. Force.Construction exhibition, co-curated with the Art Institute of Chicago, Electric Comma (together with KADIST foundation), solo shows of emerging Russian artists (Urban Fauna Lab collective, Mikhail Tolmachev, Kirill Gluschenko, Kirill Savchenkov and others) within the long-term program of artistic interventions in non-art institutions (Museum of Armed Forces, the Museum of Modern History, Institute for African Studies, VDNKH expo etc.). She is the co-founder and member of the Centre for Experimental Museology, which deriving from issues such as innovations of soviet avant-garde museology and the history of experimental exhibition design, produces exhibitions, publications, and grant programs related to the museum as a medium, an institution, and an agent. She also initiated and curated Expanding Space: Artistic Practice in the Urban Environment, a public art program aimed at developing the debate of the artistic practice within the urban environment of Moscow. V-A-C Foundation is dedicated to the development and international presentation of Russian contemporary culture across a multitude of forms and within the framework of a joint exhibition, educational, and publishing programme. Offering new opportunities for artists and audiences on a local, national and international level, GES-2 power station will become the first major venue in the city of Moscow for V-A-C, due to officially open in 2019.

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