The Whitney Appoints David Breslin (CCL 2019) Director of Curatorial Initiatives

Core Advancement

Congratulations to David Breslin (CCL 2019) on his appointment to Director of Curatorial Initiatives at the Whitney! Previously, Breslin served as the DeMartini Family Curator and Director of the Collection at the Whitney. He has curated or co-curated Where We Are: Selections from the Whitney’s Collection, 1900-1960An Incomplete History of Protest: Selections from the Whitney’s Collection, 1940-2017David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night; and Spilling Over: Painting Color in the 1960s

Breslin commented, “The Whitney’s mission always has been to foster the work of artists. The initiatives we take on embrace that history while preparing for a future that reflects the dynamic and changing contours of American art and culture.”

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