Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee is a Ph.D. candidate specializing in East Asian art history and archaeology at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU. Her dissertation examines the role of rock-carved images of the Buddha in the spatial narratives and ritual practices of Koryŏ period (918-1392 CE) Buddhism. She is currently engaged in a digital humanities project using mapping technologies to identify significant patterns in the geospatial context of immovable Buddhist sculpture on the peninsular landscape. This project will expand to include sites in Shandong and Dunhuang - reflecting her interest in cross-cultural exchange through trade routes. In addition to medieval Buddhism, she is also interested in modern and contemporary East Asian art. She has served as Visiting Research Scholar at the Dunhuang Academy in Gansu (China), curator to a private gallery in Seoul (South Korea), and as a volunteer research associate at the National Palace Museum in Taipei (Taiwan). 

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