Jun Nakamura

Jun Nakamura

Jun Nakamura is a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan, where he works on Dutch Golden Age topics and the history of printmaking. His dissertation explores how visual rhetorics of print were manipulated, appropriated, and subverted in the Netherlands in the long seventeenth-century in order to get at implications of print that hinge on its particular aesthetic qualities, rather than on print’s multiplicity or materiality. His other research interests include transoceanic trade and travel, approaches to the depiction of space, and early modern science and technology. Jun is also a practicing artist and printmaker. He holds a BFA in Fashion Design and Art History from Washington University in St. Louis and an MA in Art History from Southern Methodist University. Jun was previously the Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation Curatorial Intern in prints and drawings at the National Gallery of Art from 2013–14. He will be a Kress Institutional Fellow at Leiden University from 2018–20 and a Belgian American Educational Foundation Honorary Fellow 2018–19.

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